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This year, Barna is launching an exciting new initiative called State of the Church. If you lead an association, denomination, city movement, parachurch, or any organization on a mission to serve churches, we want to give you tools to know the state of your network, help your churches see how they are doing, and put your essential resources into the hands of the churches you serve.

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Get insights about your network with technology you can trust.

Anchored in Barna's historical research about what's really behind human flourishing and thriving churches, you'll access game-changing insights about your member churches, inform strategy, deploy resources to members, and grow membership with ease.

State of Your Network

Get a visual snapshot that reflects the state of your network

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    See a roll-up view of your churches and find out how their congregants answered across areas like relationships, spiritual health, church community, and more.
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    Understand your network’s strengths in the context of the nation, your region, or tradition.
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    Inform donor conversations with objective data.
Resource Deployment

Share your relevant resources with your members

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    Put all of your members in one online home that makes it easy to put valuable and relevant content in their hands.
Grow Your Membership

Get discovered by new member churches

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    Add members one at a time, invite your people to indicate membership and even get new members who find you through a fully customizable network profile page with your logo and mission.
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    See your network grow in an interactive map that lights up when churches indicate membership.

Getting Started is Easy

Step 1

Invite and encourage your member churches to launch the ChurchPulse

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    Two free, anonymous assessments for leaders and congregants.
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    55 validated questions, less than 10 minutes to complete, and easy-to-launch on desktop, mobile, or tablet.
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    Identify strengths and opportunities in areas of relationship, vocation, physical, financial, and spiritual health.
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    Use expert guides, checklists, and templates to get the message out through your established channels.
Step 2

See your network in an interactive map

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    See locations of members updated on an interactive map every time you invite a church, a member launches the pulse or when a church you don't know yet finds you.
Step 3

Access your results

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    A roll-up view of your churches and how their congregants answered across areas like relationships, spiritual health, church community, and more.
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    Based on your network’s strengths in the context of the nation, your region or tradition.
Step 4

Grow and activate your network

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    Invite new members to join your network.
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    Get discovered by churches in an online listing of valuable networks.
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    Deploy your valuable content to members quickly and easily.

Give your members an experience of their own.

Give members the power to measure what matters and lead with clarity and confidence into a new decade of ministry.

State of My Church Snapshot

By launching the ChurchPulse to their congregants, members get a snapshot of the state of their church

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    Leaders know where their people are strong and uncover new opportunities for ministry.
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    All anchored in Barna's historic research into what's really behind human flourishing and thriving churches.

Members gain access to explore Barna's research in a whole new way

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    Stay current on faith trends and cultural changes.
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    Explore Barna's historic research in an interactive experience rich with videos, interviews, data visualizations, and more.
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    Know what you can do to respond intentionally to changing perceptions of the church.

Access a robust resource library for easy implementation and long-lasting value

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    Designed and developed with leading churches.
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    Easy to follow quick-start guide.
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    Presentation guides to share reports with members.

Solutions for Every Need

Real Value. Free Forever.

Free means free. State of the Church 2020 is designed to deliver value from day one, without ever paying a dollar.

Go Deep. Premium Content.

When you need to take your experience to the next level you can purchase additional and premium content.

Register Your Network

It’s 100% free to register, and your participation ensures that your organization is a part of the State of Church 2020

Invite Churches

Encourage members to participate in this historic project by deploying the ChurchPulse assessment to their people.

See the health of your network

Better understand your network churches’ strengths and opportunities, so you can encourage and support


Leading standards for privacy and security.

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    When you participate in The State of the Church, you can be sure your information is 100% anonymous and secure.

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