COVID-19 Response

In response to the current crisis, Barna, in partnership with Carey Nieuwhof and Gloo, is launching the ChurchPulse Crisis Toolkit and ChurchPulse Weekly, a recurring webcast and podcast. These free resources are designed to give you a home for facts, resilience and connection. It's never been more important to see clearly, lead confidently and engage effectively.

Absolutely Free

See Clearly. Lead Confidently. Engage Effectively.

State of the Church 2020, the most comprehensive study in Barna’s 35-year history and the free Barna ChurchPulse assessment give Christian leaders new tools to understand what’s happening culturally and in their congregations. Get prepared to confidently lead into the next decade of human flourishing and thriving churches. 

Barna ChurchPulse

Inviting pastors and Christian leaders

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    Are you a church leader who wants to go beyond metrics like attendance and giving? Meet the Barna ChurchPulse, a simple, clear assessment tool for Christian Leaders. See what your people think about, where your church is the strongest, and opportunities for growth.
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Know the state of the Church and the state of your church with two innovative products

The State of the Church research and the free Barna ChurchPulse assessment give you clarity in a complex culture, show you the strengths and opportunities in your church or network, and enable you to lead into the next decade of Christian flourishing.

State of Your Church

Get insights into the state of your church or network with the ChurchPulse assessment

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    View insights based on how people are doing in their own lives and where your church is strong.
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    Use these insights to identify strengths and opportunities.
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    Know how your organization looks in the context of national norms.
State of the Church Interactive

Keep up with a complex culture through trusted research in a new interactive experience

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    Barna’s research findings are a result of conducting thousands of interviews, new assessment data, and modern success metrics.
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    Gain unparalleled insights to inform your ministries and sermon series, evaluate external outreach, and guide your messaging.
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    Keep your finger on the pulse of faith trends and cultural changes driving the future of ministry.

Join the Launch Webcast

To launch the initiative, we’re offering two free webcasts. Each webcast is designed with either church leaders or network leaders in mind. Click Join Launch to learn more about these online learning opportunities. 

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