ChurchPulse Weekly Podcast

Watch the most recent episode from March 30, 2020.

Bobby Gruenewald of YouVersion and LifeChurch and Nona Jones from Facebook join Carey Nieuwhof and David Kinnaman for an in-depth, unscripted, and deeply inspiring live webcast and podcast for those who lead. Weaving data and faith into one story. Told week by week. It’s never been more important for leaders to have the information they need to see clearly, lead confidently and engage effectively.

Watch The First Episode from March 23.

These are the first findings of the ChurchPulse Weekly assessment from over 500 US church leaders. Barna President, David Kinnaman, and Carey Nieuwhof explain those findings and more, and show you how you can get your church involved in the ChurchPulse Weekly for FREE. US and Canadian churches can participate in the surveys. The entire church has the opportunity to learn from the insights and strategies.

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