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Your home for facts, resilience and connection during the Coronavirus pandemic. Give your voice, get expert analysis, know how other leaders are responding, engage with your community and lead with confidence now. Delivered weekly.

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Here's what's inside the Crisis Toolkit

Get access to a digital community designed to empower you to stand with other leaders, your people and community, even when you’re apart.

Take the National Weekly Pastor Poll & See Results

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    Track the changing needs, demands, and health of pastors with weekly results and expert analysis.
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    Give your voice to the conversation and be heard.
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    Filtered by church size, location, denomination, and more.

Send Customizable Weekly Check-Ins

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    Establish a cadence of connection with your community.
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    Four customizable surveys let you check in with your people, leadership teams, and the community as a whole.
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    Results are displayed in your personal dashboard.

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When you sign up to create an account you're accessing resources you can trust and opening new ways to connect with and engage your people and community in the gap between face-to-face meetings.

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Take the National Leader Survey and share your voice with others.

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Check in with your community and tune in to the video podcast.

Tune in Weekly

ChurchPulse Weekly, our webcast and podcast series gives you expert analysis and diverse perspectives.

ChurchPulse Weekly

Webcast & Podcast Series

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    Every week Carey Nieuwhof and David Kinnaman unpack the most recent information.
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    30-minute video podcast, jam-packed with honest stories and intimate conversation.
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    Different guests from a wide variety of backgrounds share diverse perspectives in each episode.
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    Up to 10 Barna contributors provide expert insights and analysis.

Anchor in facts. Respond with service.

Connect, engage, and deepen community even in a time of isolation and uncertainty.

See Clearly

Every week we break down results and provide expert analysis of simple, weekly polls for church and community leaders. Know what’s real amidst uncertainty and disinformation.

Lead Confidently

Take steps based on best practices from leaders around the nation who talk about how church leaders are activating their communities even when they can’t connect face to face. 

Engage Effectively

Establish a cadence of connection and know what guidance your people need with four surveys that let you check in with church and community leaders, congregants and your city.

State of Your Church

The free, online assessment goes beyond traditional metrics like attendance and giving to provide you with insights into how your people are flourishing in the areas of relationship, vocational, spiritual, physical, and financial health. Get the confidence you need to lead your people and church into the future by requesting early access below.

Meet the Barna ChurchPulse

The easy to deploy assessment enables you to know where your people and church are strong and where there are opportunities for growth. All based on groundbreaking research uncovered in Barna's State of the Church project.

Who can take the ChurchPulse?

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    Congregants take the 55 question assessment on mobile, desktop or tablet.
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    Leaders can take the same assessment with 8 additional questions that tell you about the inner workings of your church.
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    You can use the assessment to know more about small groups, event participants or any cohort.

What does the ChurchPulse Measure?

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    Goes past traditional measures of success like attendance and giving.
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    Tells you where your people and church are strongest and uncovers opportunities for growth.
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    Based on metrics of flourishing and thriving uncovered in our historic State of the Church research.

How does the ChurchPulse work?

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    The ChurchPulse is a free, anonymous, and easy-to-launch assessment.
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    Easy to take on your phone, tablet, or desktop in 10 minutes or less.
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    Add your own questions to customize the experience.

Here's what you get with the Barna ChurchPulse

After you launch the ChurchPulse to your congregants and leadership team, you'll have access game-changing insights about your people and church that will enable you to customize your ministry strategy and keep up in a complex world.

State of My Church Snapshot

Get a visual snapshot filled with insights into the state of your church

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    Research backed, easy-to-deploy, and 100% free, anonymous, and quick assessments for leaders and congregants.
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    Know where your people are strong and uncover new opportunities in areas of human flourishing.
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    Gain objectivity and confirm your hunches as you craft a ministry strategy based on the real strengths and needs of your people.
Resources & Next Steps

Access a robust resource library for easy implementation and continuing value

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    Designed and developed with leading churches.
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    Easy to follow quick-start guide.
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    Presentation guides to share reports with members.
State of the Church Interactive

When you deploy the ChurchPulse we'll give you State of the Church Interactive

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    Stay current on faith trends and cultural changes.
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    Explore Barna's historic research in an interactive experience rich with videos, interviews, data visualizations and more.
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    Know what you can do to respond intentionally to changing perceptions of the church.

Solutions for Every Need


Free means free. State of the Church 2020 is designed to deliver value from day one, without ever paying a dollar.


When you need to take your experience to the next level you can purchase additional and premium content.

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Get Your Snapshot

After 25% of your people complete the assessment, your custom results are unlocked in a visual snapshot that reflects the state of your church.

Privacy & Security

Leading standards for privacy and security.

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    When you participate in the State of the Church, you can be sure your information is 100% anonymous and secure.

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