Research and the Church

The Barna team has increasingly felt the urgency to help prepare the Church for its collective future. We are pouring everything we’ve learned into The State of the Church 2020—our most comprehensive effort yet. We hope that our State of the Church project can provide you with a realistic and-hopeful context and assist you in discerning a faithful direction forward in our chaotic, disruptive culture. We firmly believe in the work of the local church and we want to see people and pastors flourishing and their churches thrive. We want to help you better understand and measure what matters for the sake of Gospel transformation.

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Flourishing People, Thriving Churches

State of the Church shines a light into what matters to leaders—human flourishing and organizational thriving. When you know how your people are doing in areas of relationship, spiritual, physical, vocational and financial health you’ll be equipped to bring the gospel to life in ways that reach the hearts of your people. It’s time to take the guesswork out of ministry.

5 Dimensions of Human Flourishing

  • The State of the Church provides a whole new way to measure church influence in real lives, so you can care for your people where it matters most.

15 Dimensions of Organizational Thriving

  • Barna’s decades of research have uncovered the necessary elements for a thriving Christian church. You’ll know where to strengthen and realign your ministry’s strategy with precision to maximize your church’s impact.

From The Church to Your Church

Meet the free Barna ChurchPulse, a simple, clear assessment tool for Christian Leaders. Understand the state of your church with greater insights into your own context against national trends.

The Partnership Behind the Project

The State of the Church project is the most ambitious study on the state of the church of all time. For 2020, Barna has partnered with Gloo as their trusted technology partner to provide industry-leading data privacy and infrastructure.

  • "When we embarked on this historic project, we wanted to get the whole Church involved. We also knew churches would need to know that their privacy is never in doubt. That's why we chose Gloo to be our technology partner. Gloo's platform sets the standard for security, privacy, and trust. When you deploy the Barna ChurchPulse with Gloo, you can rest easy knowing you're protected by standards that far exceed those laid out in even the most robust data and privacy regulations. " — David Kinnaman, President & CEO, Barna
  • Founded in 2012, Boulder-based Gloo, LLC is a trusted technology platform provider for organizations that champion personal growth, including addiction recovery, mental health counseling, family programs, churches and other providers.
  • Barna is working directly with church leaders to provide needed answers for a changing world. They have a 35-year history of understanding and tracking practices, culture, and perspectives of faith that provide important context to societal trends affecting the Church today.
Privacy & Security

Leading standards for privacy and security.

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    When you participate in the State of the Church, you can be sure your information is 100% anonymous and secure.

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